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About Us

Faccombe Estates rich history dates back to the medieval times

Faccombe Court was the former manor house and whilst no longer standing, you can still catch a glimpse of it in the Old Orchard.

Nestled between Newbury and Andover, on the Hampshire-Berkshire border, Faccombe Estates benefits from the beauty of the North Wessex Downs. It’s a much-loved Estate by those that visit, shoot and have weddings here.

It is treasured and protected by our supportive community of farmers, keepers, foresters and enthusiastic conservationists.Together we have created a unique ecosystem, mindful of the future, and one we hope will continue forever!


We have created a unique ecosystem of people, environment and business, all mindful of the future and we are extremely proud of what we have collectively been able to achieve so far… but we haven’t finished yet!



The estate was discovered by Katalin Landon and despite having never seen it but trusting her judgement without question, her husband Brigadier Tim Landon purchased Faccombe in 1977.
After years of investing in its multi-faceted infrastructure, the Brigadier installed the first privately owned Wind turbine.


After his passing in 2007 this became the kernel of inspiration for his son Arthur to achieve net zero emission along with a more vibrant, social community and a productive rural enterprise.