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The Environment

Taking care of our 4,250 acres in a responsible way is central to everything we do

We look at the carbon footprint of everything that we use and produce, ensuring that if we can reduce it in a sensible, researched and cost-effective way, then we do.

We are mindful of the future. Our goal is to meet current needs for visitors, tenants and workers, without causing compromises for future generations, ensuring what’s handed down is sustainable, financially sound and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Carbon Footprint

We have built a low carbon community, ready to embrace change and introduce responsible practices. Our ambition of having Net-Zero emissions by 2040 is getting ever closer and even more achievable.

When we built the first privately-owned 500kw wind turbine in the UK in 1993, we knew this would benefit the entire community, supplying electricity to the village, with the surplus sold to the National Grid. We now also have 250kw roof mounted solar panels providing energy too.

Green energy


The wood pellets we make from our dying trees, reduces the Estate’s dependency on fossil fuels and therefore benefits more than just ourselves. We even have our own borehole providing water across Faccombe Estates, we farm in a responsible way and even down to the lightbulbs we use, we are always thinking about how we can better care for what we have.

We work with a number of organisations to ensure we are on the right track, including The Centre of Ecology & Hydrology and Natural England.